Authentic Feminine Mastermind is my life experiences, lessons, practices and teachings wrapped into one big, beautiful, bold container. 


It’s intimate, raw, and vulnerable 

yet filled with

incredible strength, resilience and empowerment.


you had more energy to fulfill more of what you wanted to do in a day.

you could create lasting healthy habits and a routine that personally served you.

you could fully accept every aspect of yourself, show up confidently and embrace who you truly are.

you could release your limiting beliefs and realize your potential and own personal power. 

you could let go of the fear of what others think and courageously follow your heart and dreams. 

↠ you could find more clarity around who you are, your purpose and your gifts you are meant to share with the world

↠  you could exercise and eat from a place of self-love rather than guilt or shame. 

↠  you could heal your relationship with money and learn how to have it run after you rather than you run after it. 

↠ you could experience more pleasure, joy, beauty and love within your days.

↠  you could stop waiting to live your life and step into the person you wish to become, now


Society has created particular norms that we are expected to follow. It has taught us that certain parts of ourselves are shameful and to be kept hidden from the world. It has taught us that certain beliefs and desires are wrong. 

Within that, women have learned to conform and forget to explore who they truly are. 

They begin to lose sight of their highest aspirations and stop creating audacious goals and big dreams. 

They begin to feel the pressure of looking and feeling a certain way and they associate self-love with a particular jean size, restrictive eating and how much they exercise.

They associate self-worth with how much they do in a day or even what their bank account looks like. 

They forget to take care of themselves, enjoy the moment at hand and instead they allow stress and anxiety to take over because...It’s. Just. Too. Damn. Much.

Babe, it doesn’t have to be this way...

Hi, I'm Carole

the creator of Free Spirited Wanderer  & Authentic Feminine Mastermind. 

In High School, I knew that I was destined for an unconventional life rooted in travel, yoga & self exploration.

 I majored in Business to gain insight on how to become an entrepreneur.

 I studied abroad three times; business in Spain and Buddhist Philosophy in India & Cambodia to feed my adventurous, life-experience and knowledge seeking soul.

 I completed my Yoga Teacher Trainings in Nepal (200YTT, 2014) & India (300YTT, 2018) so I could completely immerse myself in the yogic culture, lifestyle and learn the roots. 

I started leading Yoga Retreats in 2017 through my business Free Spirited Wanderer. 

I didn’t become a yoga teacher so I could help others perfect their asana practice. I became a teacher so I could help them heal, feel awake, alive and activated and live a more fulfilling life.

As I started to become more in touch with this, reflecting back on my life and everything I overcame, I realized I had so much to offer that I wanted to share with other women.

*insert light bulb going off” 

and Authentic Feminine Mastermind was born...


I want you to experience 

a better, 

more authentic, 

more fulfilling life. 


I want you to feel

wild & free




and full of passion and purpose. 


I want you to break free of conformity and the fear of being trapped in a life that isn’t truly yours, along with the inner-emptiness that follows it. 


No matter what outside factors occur, I want you to feel so anchored to yourself, your truth & your purpose so you know how to pull yourself out of the darkness and return to the light.


I want all of these things for you because I know you want them too. 


I know you have deep desires, audacious goals and big dreams. 


I know there is a wildfire in your soul that wants to burn brighter & bigger and share itself with the world.


I know you want to get to know yourself, in all of your perfectly imperfect glory through life’s experiences. 


I know it’s all there; 

waiting to release, 

to breathe, 

to take up space,

to freaking SHINE. 


Oh babe, 

I feel this for you,

I see it,

I hear it, 

I understand it,

I’m here for it 💯.


University of Salamanca Business Program; Spain 2012

Wisdom Tours Abroad: Buddhist Philosophy; India 2013 & Cambodia 2014

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management; Castleton University 2014

200YTT Rishikul Yogshala, Nepal 2014

Creator of Free Spirited Wanderer; yoga retreats & workshops 2017

Student of Johnna Smith; 2017-Present

300YTT Rishikul Yogshala, India 2018

Ashtanga Yoga Apprenticeship; Ashtanga Yoga School 2018

E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher 2019

Para Yoga Marma Training; 2019

Yoga & Social Justice 25 hour Immersion 2021

Bloom Graduate 2021

YBA Graduate 2021


↠ Do the inner-work, dive deep and peel back the layers in order to uncover the truth of who she is

↠ Begin the journey towards her remembrance of worthiness, self-love and wholeness 

↠ Find clarity of what she was put on this earth to do 

↠ Release limiting beliefs and take down the self-imposed barriers that hold her back

↠ Heal & nourish her relationship with her body and food

↠ Confidently take up and own more space in this world 

↠ Honor and embrace every aspect of who she is

↠ Heal herself not only for her but for those around her

↠ Put herself first and make the commitment to show up to the best of her ability each and every day.

↠ Take ownership of her life and lead herself 

↠ Live the life she was destined for, shine bright and make the world a better place in the process.  

↠ Live an authentic life from her desires, truth and unique calling. 

↠ Create and maintain a lasting routine & healthy habits that serve her highest good. 

This space is NOT for those who...

  • Expect results without putting in the time, effort and commitment.
  • Play victim and don’t take ownership for their actions


I’ve been through all of this and broke free of what others told me I needed to do in order to be happy, find love and feel successful. 

I’ve personally overcome the heavy burden of trying to fit in a certain little box and look and a feel a certain way.

I’ve overcome the lack of self acceptance, worth and love and now embrace myself fully.

I’ve overcome the fear of rejection, judgement and being wrong. 

I’ve overcome working at multiple yoga studios, bartending and continuing to say yes when I mean no, just so I could make a ‘decent’ living. 

I believe we get to create our own reality. 

The type of reality that lights us up and makes us feel awake, alive & activated. 

The type of reality that others deem unrealistic because they can’t wrap their minds around it.

The type of reality that takes your breath away because it’s everything you could have ever imagined.

The type of reality that gives you the pleasure, purpose, prosperity and freedom you always desired.

I’m going to help you create this reality, your reality. 

I am going to walk with you every step of this 12 week journey.

I am going to support, love and hold you.

I am going to listen in awe of how magnificent you are.

I am going to push you out of your comfort zone to the point where vulnerability meets strength. 

I am going to be your biggest cheerleader and encourage you to keep moving forward.

I am not going to give up on you and I will teach you to never give up on yourself.

I will teach you how to courageously take up more space in this world, find your voice, speak your truth and to stop doubting your greatness.

I’m here to help you because you deserve to step into the women you were always meant to become.


(this container is limited to 10 women)


This is your welcome video into the program. It will include housekeeping and an introduction of what our time together will look like, plus an outline of the program and everything you need to get started. *Hold on tight, it’s going to be an exciting, uplifting, messy, healing, wild and transformative ride.  

Module 1: AYURVEDA'S MAGIC & MEDICINE (week 1-2)

Your cells are trying to speak to you. They get especially loud when we're run down, constantly fatigued, and dealing with anxiety. Take a breath right now, how do you feel? If you're not a 7/10 at this moment, it's time for some cellular nourishment, babe! In weeks 1&2, I'll introduce you to your new BFF, Ayurveda, The Science of Life. Together, we'll create lasting routines, healthy habits and food rituals that will personally serve you (not your friends or family, you). By the end of the two weeks, you'll be so rejuvenated that you’ll be glowing from the inside out. 

Module 2: SELF ACCEPTANCE, WORTH & LOVE (week 3)

Say it with me, “I accept myself.” “I am worthy.” “I love myself.”

How did that feel? Did it roll off your tongue? Was there resistance? 

It’s time to fully own these phrases. In this module we’ll work on healing your relationship with yourself by releasing any shame around who you are and what you want. This work is the driving force towards full self-acceptance, self-love in all of your perfectly imperfect glory and realizing your own worth in this world.  


Your intuition brought you here because she's craving an energetic uplevel. That's why we're going deep into pleasure, purpose, prosperity, and freedom in weeks 3-6. The world as you know it is about to shift from boring old gray to full-on High Definition (HD). Together we'll turn the dial UP on your Pleasure; living in alignment with beauty, joy and love, Purpose; recognize your unique calling and quantum leap into your higher self, Prosperity; activate your wealth center and Freedom; turn on the fearless woman inside of you and awaken to your true nature. 

Module 4: SOUL LEVEL VALUES (week 8)

Anchoring pleasure, purpose, prosperity and freedom to your soul level values. From here, we can arrive at the root of your deep driving desires, turn them into goals and confidently, courageously and clearly bring them into your daily life. This will push you closer towards contentment, fulfillment and truly embodying this level up version of you. 


When people hear core they usually think of ‘abs’, our core is actually a deeper layer that goes way below the surface and leads us back home to our true essence. It’s a place of empowerment, confidence, truth and holds that fire in our belly which burns and transforms. When we connect to our core, we are guided to the limitless being within who reminds us of the innate potential and personal power we already possess. From these practices, you will rewrite your narrative, claim your life, who you truly are and what you are here to do. After this week, you will realize you are capable of anything and your desires are actually meant for you. Yes, you read that correctly, ‘your desires are meant for you.’

Module 6: SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND (week 10,11)

In Authentic Feminine Mastermind, the diamond is a symbol of your own love, exquisite beauty, preciousness, inner fire, natural strength and uniqueness. It represents being unbreakable, invincible and enduring life. The diamond is here to activate your entire being so you can shine. This is where you fully step into your truest, most authentic self. You are a woman who leads herself and takes the first leap. Fear is no longer a barrier and you embody your own unique magnetic energy. This enables you to be that bright light that everyone gravitates towards, slowly slowly being the change you wish to see in the world.  


Celebrate yourself and your divine sisterhood for how far you have come, share wins, Q&A, closing ceremony, PARTY!   


This will be a common theme throughout the program; however, this bonus module will focus on the power of energy and how to harness it so you can put it towards your purpose and serve at a level for the greater good. This will also teach you how to find your voice, feel more confident and show up MAGNETICALLY in the world.


Once you have completed all twelve weeks, you will have a greater sense of clarity in who you are, what you are here to do and how to make your dream life come true. You will leave feeling limitless, joyous, adventurous, confident and with a newfound lust for your life.


Weekly Group Calls

We will have twelve, 90 minute weekly group calls. This will be a combination of recapping the masterclasses, Q&A and open discussion for sharing wins and supporting one another. 

1:1 Sessions

You will get two, 30 minute private sessions with me. You can schedule these at any time (I will provide my office hours) within the 12 weeks. Within this time, I will offer you extra support where you are fully seen, heard and understood. 

Private Facebook Group Support 

This space is for our sisterhood to stay connected over the twelve weeks. Anyone can share wins, celebrations or ask questions. I will also provide extra links, resources or anything else I see fit to share here. I will be active in it M-F.

Weekly Masterclass Videos + Modules 

Each module will have masterclass / training videos to support you on your journey and help you grasp the wisdom. You will have access to these for life so you can return back to them at any point.

Love-Work & Yoga Practices 

You will receive weekly love-work, a.k.a homework that aids in your transformation and keeps you accountable. These will mostly be in the form of journal prompts and other fun activities. You also have access to four of my signature yoga classes, meditations and pranayama (breath work) practices.

Client Success Tracker 

Throughout our journey together, we will complete the AFM customized success/milestone tracker - this tool was developed to not only keep you accountable but to hit and exceed your personal goals. At the end of the program, you and I will reflect on just how far you've come!

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From my wildfire soul to yours,

Carole the Freespiritedwanderer